from consumer to producer

Hello IW friends. I’m Hannah Daugherty, worship pastor at the Vineyard Campbellsville. I want to share with you about my experience as a woman, raised Southern Baptist, musician-turned-songwriter. My singing experience began when my twin sister and I cranked out the best christian hits as ‘special’ music at church. There was no emphasis on taking our ‘gift’ and using it to express the joy, frustration, sadness, triumph, peace, longing, disappointment of following Jesus in our own words. These early experiences were not a total loss because it allowed us to develop the craft of singing.

The shift came when I began to hang out at the Vineyard Campbellsville – before I came on staff. They did their own stuff–stuff that no one knew. Yet it expressed the good things of God and shared in my heart’s thoughts. Five years ago the church developed a new group called ‘worship force.’ It was a songwriter’s circle that met every other week to share new songs. You had to bring a song you had written to the group, and if you came empty-handed you had to leave the group! I was fully intimidated: I had never written anything and couldn’t believe I was about to try. It didn’t matter how pretty of a singer I was at this point. This was a whole new ballgame.

I’d say the first year was spent getting the muddy water out of this new well. It was such a great experience. What felt new and labored back then is now a flowing spring of life within our local church. Today, to cut off new song writing would feel like cutting off life flow.

We regularly include songs from Jesus Culture, friends from around the Southeast and others to the set list on a Sunday morning. They’re anointed! But there are some things that must be said by the home team. The guys that serve day-in and day-out at our local church see the hearts of the people. Creating songs in this environment serves the local church and gives a voice to the people that show up at our place each week. Growing up as a musician in this culture of song writing and musicianship has allowed me to approach worship songs in a new way. There’s so much more to learn, but I’m thankful for the opportunity to add my original voice to the worship. The veil has been lifted. I want the same for you.

Hannah Daugherty