momentum is not a joke

Matthew 13:12
Whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them.

This scripture makes me feel weird. I read it and then I’m all jumbled up – on the one hand there’s a promise of blessing – abundance! On the other, disaster, as the bit that you ‘have’ becomes what you ‘had’ and dissolves like the fog that hangs over early morning.

Dangit. Jesus.

How is it that the Lamb that was slain carries the biggest knife and manages to cut me the deepest?

Jesus, I was hoping for a hug.

In striking fashion, like like bright, red paint splattered on white museum walls Jesus’ words color life. In this moment Jesus is having a private conversation with his closest friends after a really public time of teaching and story-telling. The disciples come to him and wonder aloud, “what’s up with the cryptic stories?” – a sentiment that I often share. Here, Jesus explains that those with access to him (the disciples) will have insight and understanding stacked on top of clarity, but those without, are going to continue in blindness. That’s hectic!

But like so many other things that Jesus teaches, this reality, about who has and who loses is one of those threads that runs through the woven fabric of life. The rich get richer. The strong get stronger. The Yankees keep winning. The Cubs keep losing.

Nothing in life is static. Nothing just stays the same. Either we are growing or we are dying. Hectic.

Thankfully there’s hope.

There’s no question that there are parts of life that are circumstantial, downright providential, out of our hands – the family we were born into, our spot in history, the genetic advantages that our parents passed on to us. But life is more than mere happenings. So much of life is the culmination of our own choices and desires played out, though often muted to our awareness, over days and years.

There is a part of life and abundance that is connected to pursuit.

The disciples found themselves overflowing with abundance because they pursued Jesus. He called and they said yes. Not everyone did. The rich, young ruler, for instance, received an invitation, but declined – and he lost.

As songwriters and artists we should purse Jesus, it almost goes without saying – but we should also pursue our craft. We should pursue songs and melodies and words and grooves and harmonies and rhythms and new chords – we should chase songs knowing that pursuit and faithfulness dig a well that God can fill to overflowing.

When I first started writing, it was hard. I hardly ever finished a song.

But now, having written A LOT of songs (in the interest of honesty and full disclosure, I would like to point out that most of these are not great songs, and a good many of them are really absolute junk. thanks) the melodies come easier, the words appear a little faster and the emotions that conceive the ideas that I write from seem to stay in tact, and actually remain, noticeably, in the final product.

Abundance. There’s a reason that rich people have money and great songwriters write great songs. Their desires have energized choices that have galvanized pursuits that have put them in positions to receive abundance.

Momentum is not a joke. Keep writing.